Congratulations to Coursey Graves alumni, Julien Tremblay, for joining the world class team at Healdsburg’s SingleThread restaurant, named one of 50 best restaurants in the world.

Meet SingleThread WineShop Manager Julien


Julien Tremblay joined SingleThread in 2022 as our SingleThread Wine Shop Manager. We sat down with Julien recently to ask him why he loves what he does, but also to share more about our increasingly popular Wine Shop and the philosophy behind it.

Julien and his fiance Natalie eventually moved to Sonoma County, where Julien took various opportunities with the goal of learning as much about the wine industry as he could. He spent time at the North Coast Wine company as a vineyard scout and later as a Tasting Room Manager at Coursey Graves where his appreciation for the wine community grew.

“When I discovered a gem with a guest, I discovered this ‘3-bottle-buyer’ principle – one you inevitably drink yourself when you come home, one you stash away to see the wine’s potential, and one you share with people in your life. Wine should be inclusive – not exclusive. You don’t need a special occasion to open a great bottle.”

Julien arrives at SingleThread

Julien fell in love with the community in Sonoma County and how close knit and neighborly it is. It reminded him of his home in Vermont – where everyone looks out for one another. Whether struggling with wildfires, pandemics or more; everyone comes together. When he joined SingleThread, he felt this ethos more than ever. Julien merged his sense of community with his passion for wines and friendship, and tries to reflect this in every customer interaction.