Here in Sonoma, we are always looking for charming ways to reuse things we cherish – from barns and beams, to barrels and bottles – reuse is the hallmark of Sonoma-style decor. The holiday season is a great time to reuse corks to create hand-crafted holiday ornaments. It is a charming and eco-friendly way to add a personalized touch to your decorations or gift boxes.

Holiday Cork Decoration Ideas

Here are several fun ideas for making holiday-inspired cork ornaments.
1. Cork Christmas Trees

Glue multiple corks in a stacked pyramid shape to create a Christmas tree. Paint the corks green and add small ornaments or beads as decorations. Top it with a star and attach a ribbon for hanging.

2. Cork Snowman

Glue three corks together vertically to form the body of a snowman. Paint the corks white and add details such as a scarf, buttons, and a top hat using colored paint or felt. Attach a ribbon for hanging.

3. Wine Cork Reindeer

Attach three corks horizontally to create the body of a reindeer. Paint the corks brown and add googly eyes, a red pom-pom for the nose, and pipe cleaners for antlers. Attach a ribbon for hanging.

4. Cork Angels

Cut a cork in half diagonally to create wings. Use a whole cork for the body, and add a wooden ball or bead for the head. Paint the angel’s robe and attach the wings. Use a thin ribbon or twine for hanging. 

5. Wine Cork Wreath

Glue corks in a circular arrangement to form a wreath shape. Decorate the corks with paint, ribbon, or tiny ornaments. Attach a festive bow at the top and a loop of ribbon for hanging.

 6. Wine Cork Santa Claus

Paint a cork red for Santa’s body. Add a small piece of white felt or cotton at the top for the beard and a small red pom-pom for the hat. Use googly eyes or draw them on, and attach a ribbon for hanging.

7. Cork Snowflakes

Slice corks into thin rounds and arrange them in the shape of a snowflake. Glue the pieces together and add white paint or glitter for a snowy effect. Attach a ribbon or twine for hanging.

8. Wine Cork Initials

Glue corks together to form the initial of a person’s name. Paint or decorate the corks and add a ribbon for hanging.

The possibilities are endless.

Holiday Hosting Tip

Everyone loves a classic craft project. To add a touch of whimsy to your holiday party, set up a craft table and invite your guests to BYOC (aka bring-your-own-cork). Open a few bottles of Coursey Graves wine and watch the creativity (and glue-gun fun) begin!

Celebrate the Holidays with Coursey Graves

Cork ornaments are the perfect way to memorialize your favorite wine-tasting experiences. Snap a few of your favorite creations and share with us on social media. Happy Holidays from all of us at Coursey Graves.

Give the gift of Coursey Graves this holiday season. Browse our Coursey Graves 2023 Gift Collection or text/call  us at 707-867-1888 to get assistance from your personal concierge. Visit us to relax and recharge in the new year.