Every bottle of Coursey Graves tells a captivating story—a narrative of its specific terroir, the unique climate of the vintage, and the dedicated hands that guided it from vineyard to bottle.

Whether you’re ready to uncork a bottle or want to cellar your wines for the future, here are our expert tips to elevate your tasting experience and savor wine like a connoisseur.

Tip #5: Maintain the Ideal Temperature

When serving red wines, aim for a slightly cooler temperature than room temperature, around 62–68°F. For white wines, a slightly warmer temperature than refrigerator chill is ideal—between 49–55°F. These temperature ranges help the wines express their full flavors and aromas.

Tip #4: Give Your Wine Time to Breathe

Decanting your wine can unlock its full potential by allowing it to “breathe.” This process helps reveal its nuanced fruit flavors and complex characteristics. No decanter? No problem! A glass vase or any glass carafe works just as well.

Tip #3: Pair Thoughtfully

When pairing food and wine, aim for balance and harmony. Rich, creamy dishes pair wonderfully with acidic wines like Chardonnay, while bold reds complement hearty meat dishes. Experiment with different combinations to find your favorites.

Tip #2: Scan Your Bottle

Each Coursey Graves bottle features a unique QR code on the back label. Scan it to discover more about the specific vintage, including tasting notes and pairing recommendations from our winemakers.

Tip #1: Share the Experience

Above all, wine is best enjoyed with the people you cherish most. Gather your friends and family and savor the moments and memories that come with each bottle.

With these tips, you can better appreciate our wines and create special memories with friends and family. Share your #CourseyGraves moments with us on Instagram @courseygraves!